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UltraBit Platinum (UBP) stands in stark contrast to the usual “rule of ear” of high-end audio: “diminishing returns per dollar invested.” The 2-ounces of UBP is sufficient to treat at least 500 discs and will last 48 to 60 plus months with only an occasional rebuffing and without any additional application of UBP, which works out to only 13 cents per disc and now with the new UltraBit Platinum-Plus™ (UBP-P) as low as 6.5 cents per disc!  And if that isn’t increasing returns per dollar invested, then what is…?

Getting Music In Better Means Better Music Out

Which systems will UltraBit Platinum™ and now the new improved UltraBit Platinum-Plus™ benefit?

If you have big dollars or time invested in your high-end audio or video system, we don’t think you’d want to miss hearing or seeing your system’s true potential because the full quality of the source material wasn’t recovered. UltraBit Platinum™ (UBP) and now the new improved UltraBit Platinum-Plus™ (UBP-P) even more so, help your system reproduce the digital information of all your laser-read media including Blu-ray video and audio with higher fidelity and now for vinyl records as well.  And now the new UBP-P also increases the playback fidelity of the analog information on vinyl records.

Likewise, if you have a relatively small or modest investment of money or time in your system, but want to optimize its performance, UBP or UBP-P may enhance its quality such that it exceeds the fidelity of much costlier systems that don’t enjoy the benefits of UBP or UBP-P. And as every music-loving audiophile knows the paradigm of “diminishing returns” rules the world of high-end audio whereas UBP and now either UBP-P are probably both one of the most cost effective upgrades you can buy. Thus, we answer the question: Every serious music-loving audio and videophile should use either UBP or even better UBP-P to maximize the fidelity of their audio, video, and analog systems.